State-wide Breaking Bread

The body of Christ has often been talked about within an individual congregation, with the gifts of various leaders and believers all working together to make up the body. We advocate that each church within a city should view themselves in that same manner. Each congregation/denomination has strengths that can significantly strengthen and enhance the collaborative body of Christ within a city.


Over the past 50-60 years there has been a movement of God among almost all protestant denominations. Slowly but surely the elusive and complex desire for unity and collaboration amongst the churches is emerging as a reality. Although the full expression of this may yet be some decades away, CityNetworks is borne out of a desire to spur on this collaboration in ways that do not threaten the divine distinctive of each denomination or church – but rather, we create ways for the churches to celebrate one-another’s uniqueness as we partner together. Likewise, we ensure that all our initiatives do not threaten the shepherds that God has put in place, but rather we ensure that every decision regarding a local congregation is in the hands of that local congregation’s leaders. There is no signup, no contract, no fees, no new committees – and only the participation that you wish to have at any point in time and with the flexibility to withdraw your congregation from participation at any point in time without any imposed ramifications. Our ethos therefore is: Perfect courtesy to all the churches.



In 2018 CityNetworks will facilitate the churches of Tasmania to give 5230 Tasmanians a free coffee - 1% of the population.



Boosting your Innovations

In Australia, it has become quite clear that innovation is necessary for the churches to move confidently into the 21st century. Innovation of our mission, our ministry, even our articulation of the gospel and theology is necessary for us to stay vibrant and engaged in our fast-paced culture. We need leaders now, who can adapt to the wide range situations that the churches face. We need good leaders to oversee the development of experimental innovations in churches of all kinds and shapes. These innovations must be carefully and collaboratively planned, and believers to be trained within it as it is implemented in a sustainable manner. Antioch Initiative specialises in bringing a sustained discussion around the innovations of church leaders in either an accredited and non-accredited manner. This happens in the context of your church, and maintains your agenda, enabling you to more easily manage a sustained period of change for your churches.

Change and innovation is scary and often rejected by many believers. In my experience, many leaders grossly underestimate the amount of work it will take to bring about significant change, and sometimes end up jaded, hurting both the believers and the churches. Often these have not begun with a well-thought-out plan, a cohort of leaders to affect the change, a way to manage the academic - character - skill development of that cohort, and provided a long term sustainable pathway for their innovations to become reality. Antioch Initiative offers Church-Based, Competency-Based training that is built around your 21st century Aussie innovations within the context of your churches.



Doctorate of Ministry – for leaders with a broad reach across the Australian Culture

Masters of Ministry – for leaders who have influence across a city or region

Bachelor of Ministry – for Pastors, Ministers of a church or network of churches

First Principles Series 3 – for ministry leaders and pastors

First Principles Series 2 – for parents and small group leaders

First Principles Series 1 – for new believers and individual disciples

These create an integrated and innovation oriented pathway from new believers to leaders at the top. FIND OUT MORE



Scholarships for

valuable mission tasks


Effort required?

Accredited training requires about 1 day of upskilling per week - discussion, research / reading and mission / ministry planning. As a part of this 4 Year degree you are required to continually be engaged in your ministry, implementing your innovations into your ministry throughout the normal course and timeframes of your ministry week.


The Antioch School is the first truly church-based and competency-based to be accredited by an agency recognized by the Council on Higher Education Accreditation. CHEA is America’s primary higher education accrediting agency. The degrees are specifically accredited by Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC) as a recognised member of CHEA.


Each degree costs a total of AUD $9,900 (Inc. GST) payable across 4 years. If the leader completes a degree and decides to continue to a Masters or Doctorate there is no additional cost. Scholarships are available for valuable mission or ministry tasks.

If a mission or ministry task is simply too valuable and must be achieved, we have benefactors who may assist a leader or cohort of leaders financially. A typical scholarship enables a leader to receive a degree for just $5280 Inc. GST (a total of $110 per month Inc. GST)

Scholarship assessment criteria

  • The churches involved are unable to finance the training of the leaders
  • The mission task already has multiple churches and denominations engaged
  • The opportunity is unique, ideally experimenting with 21st century tech, language, culture or 21st century spaces
  • Has a cohort of leaders already engaged or prepared to engage with it








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