Examples of Experimental Philosophy

Jesus gave His life for the church (Eph 5.25). And even though Jesus was the one who said "I will build my Church" Peter and Paul and the other apostles spend their lives on the task of establishing and expand Christ's church (churches) for Christ's glory - even to the point of death. Our philosophy is summed up in this; Christ has placed the churches at the centre of His agenda on earth and we are therefore to join Him in the task of building His church - to His glory.


Antioch Initiative Australia maintains a thoroughly practical focus. We believe that everybody from the newest of believers to the most learned of scholars must be active in the context of the churches. As part of this conviction we also acknowledge that the churches must regain crucial gospel practicalities which have been lost for many centuries.


Many have lost hope in churches to achieve anything of significant value within our 21st century networked global community. This explains why I have not. Read ArtICLE

Discipleship and Churches. Just how connected are these two seemingly disconnected ideas in the mind of The Apostle Paul? Read ArtICLE

We all know what ‘In Christ’ means. Or do we? Is our 21stcentury meaning of ‘In Christ’ the same as that of the original author who coined it – The Apostle Paul? Read ArtICLE

Many churches need revitalizing. How is it that Christs work in your life could bring about just that? In fact, is it even possible for Christ to work in your life without achieving that? Read ArtICLE


These articles are not intended to present representative theology for all churches who are connected with us, but rather they are intended as thought stimulating attempts at tackling 21st century problems that face our churches. They represent elements of a far broader discussion that we believe the churches should engage in collectively.





The reconsideration of the ‘not-so-evangelical’ routines of Evangelicalism in order to make evangelicalism effectively evangelical.

Assisting church leaders to move beyond careerism and ‘the classical tasks of a pastor’ which often hamstring progress and to take on a holistic approach to ministry

Evangelicalism Poised for Innovation


The Necessity of Household Order

Session 1

The Necessity of Household Order Titus

Session 2

Leadership Qualifications

Session 3

Leadership Accountability

Session 4

Evangelicalism and Paul’s Master Plan


Innovation with Paul’s Master Plan










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